Sunday, November 10, 2013


The Story. . .

At approximately 1:00 a.m. in the early morning of May 7, 2006, a female doctor called me at home. She told me that they were doing all they could, but that it did not look good, so she suggested that we return to the hospital and wait. My husband and I got ready and went back to the hospital. We could not believe it was Mom lying there. Mom’s body had blown up to almost 350 lbs, more than twice her size. She was hooked up to several machines. It was such an unbelievable sight. I still shake my head when I think about it.
Mom’s body temperature was very cold.

I placed a pair of soft white socks on her feet to help keep them warm. I asked the doctor, “What on earth is happening to my mom?” He explained to us that Mom was not passing out any fluids and she was still bleeding internally. So it caused her body to expand continuously. My goodness! I replied. “Why did this have to happen to my mom?” Mom looked as if she was about to explode at any moment.

I went out to the waiting area and called everyone I could get a hold of to tell them about Mom’s condition. It did not look good at all. I was clearly about to lose my mom, yet I had no tears. I was always a crybaby, yet at the most devastating moment of my life, I could not shed a tear. Instead I became stronger, calmer, and more resilient. An unexplained survival mechanism kicked in — it was a form of shock that allowed me to get through this terrible ordeal.

At around 12:00 p.m. on May 7, I saw a minister visiting a patient in the ICU. I watched as he and his assistant prayed for the patient. The moment I saw him, my brain went into overdrive. I instantly thought maybe I should ask him to pray for Mom. I had to leave the room at the time, but when I returned I noticed he was just about to leave. I said to myself, “Thank God. Now is the time for me to ask.” There was a lady with them, and I walked over to her and asked her if the minister would pray for my mom. She did not hesitate to ask the minister who immediately walked right over to my mom’s bed and prayed for her. God is good!

That moment was very special to me. Deep down inside I felt relieved and at peace. I knew right away that if or when Mom passed, she would most definitely be with the Lord. Everything happened for a reason. The minister showed up just in time and got the job done. The Lord was indeed present.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Touching Feeback

New very nice!!


I have been so taken by your beautifully written book (Memories of Mom), which brought back so many wonderful memories of my Mother Mary, my life’s best friend who died at Christmas time in 1995.  There is not a single day that has gone by in these past many years where I have not thought of Mother Mary and so wished we had been able to have one more day together, one more phone call.  Yet, these are great remembrances of our shared times together.  Your lovely book’s poignancy brings her ever close to me.  You are truly blessed with a magical gift.

There are several women in my life that have been very special to me and, when you have time, I would greatly appreciate you dedicating/sign one of your book to each for me:  Here is the first list of 16 with more to come.

Thank you
John Lander

Monday, March 12, 2012

Latest Review of Memories of Mom

Interesting and Thought Provoking!, March 11, 2012

By Joshua Spencer (Toronto, Canada)

This review is from: Memories of Mom (Paperback)
The tear eliciting story of Alexia E. Fraser in "Memories of Mom" describes, explicitly, a daughter who did her all in securing the best care for a mother who though lived a long, meaningful and caring life in her early years, experienced debilitating health conditions and mistreatment toward the dusk of her life under a healthcare system that appeared deficient in crucial areas of care administration. The heartrending story also depicts the salience and impact of true love, whether for family or lover. Although critics may argue that the writer might have dealt too deeply in details in some respects in presenting her facts, this could quickly be countered by the writer's obvious intent to demonstrate the severity of the illness of the her mother, so as to have its desired impact of the personal sacrifices she had made, and to highlight the less than professional approach to healthcare in some of these so-called health providing institutions.

You will not regret reading this very touching story. It will teach you how to love unconditionally,and how not to become hopeless during difficult times.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Wrote By Rote: Alexia E Fraser's Memoir Experience

Wrote By Rote: Alexia E Fraser's Memoir Experience: My guest today is Alexia E. Fraser . Recently she has been busy promoting her well-received memoir of her mother. Memorie...