Friday, March 30, 2012

Touching Feeback

New very nice!!


I have been so taken by your beautifully written book (Memories of Mom), which brought back so many wonderful memories of my Mother Mary, my life’s best friend who died at Christmas time in 1995.  There is not a single day that has gone by in these past many years where I have not thought of Mother Mary and so wished we had been able to have one more day together, one more phone call.  Yet, these are great remembrances of our shared times together.  Your lovely book’s poignancy brings her ever close to me.  You are truly blessed with a magical gift.

There are several women in my life that have been very special to me and, when you have time, I would greatly appreciate you dedicating/sign one of your book to each for me:  Here is the first list of 16 with more to come.

Thank you
John Lander

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  1. Thank you John for the kind words...This really means a lot to me..