Thursday, December 15, 2011

~ Every Child Has A Mother ~ (Memories of Mom)

“Every child has a mother” was what my mom would always say.  Mom was a strong, dynamic and loving mother.  What a mother she was indeed!

As a child so many things about Mom resonated with me.  One memory that stood out in particular was when handyman Alan stopped by our house to see if Mom had any chores for him to do.  Alan would stop by every now and then to see what work was needed to be done around the yard.  Alan was a very hard worker and Mom respected him for his strong work ethic.  Actually, Mom was a very hard worker herself she greatly respected that trait in others.

Mom was a very good cook.  I would sit in the kitchen and watch her as she prepared our meals. On the day in question, Alan was busy doing his usual handyman chores around the yard.  Mom, likewise, was busy in the kitchen preparing a delicious lunch for my siblings and me.  When lunch was almost ready, Mom turned to me and said “Ali, please set the table.” I replied, “sure Mom.”   As usual, I set the table for my siblings, Mom and myself.  Dad was not at home.  Being a musician, he was many times out on the road touring with his band members, as he was on this occasion.

After I was finished setting the table, Mom looked at the table and then looked at me.  Then she said, “Ali you did a very nice job but you’re missing a place setting.” I was puzzled.  I said to her, “What do you mean?” She replied, “you did not set a place for Alan.”   Although I was only a child, and children are generally not taken aback by kindness, I was for a moment surprised. Surprised because family helpers would normally be expected to sit away from the family, usually outside, where they would eat by themselves.  Questionably, I turned to Mom and asked, “Alan is sitting at the table with us?”  Mom firmly replied “Yes! Every child has a mother.  He has a mother too.” I finished up quickly by setting an extra place for Alan.

When lunch was served, Mom called out to Alan to take a break from his work and wash up for lunch.  Alan immediately stopped what he was doing, washed up, and came directly to the kitchen.  Upon entering the kitchen, he paused for a moment, seemingly a bit surprised.  Mom looked at him and said, “Alan, have a seat at the table.”  Alan was stunned.  He looked at my Mom and then he looked at us. Mom repeated, “Alan you may sit at the table.” He slowly sat down, and turning to face Mom, he said, “Ms. Spence, no one has ever treated me with this much kindness. Thank you.” Mom, replied, “You’re welcome.”

We all sat and had a sumptuous, loving, and enjoyable lunch together.  That’s my mom!   

Looking back at this memory bring tears to my eyes.

I always find myself in admiration of people who give love and respect to everyone, regardless of what their situation may be in life. Mom taught us that love and respect goes a very long way.

Alexia E. Fraser

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