Sunday, November 6, 2011


"I read your inspiring book in 4 days after I received it.
 It was intriguing, emotional and pleasant all in one.
 Congrats to a good reading material."
                                                    ~Dahlia Douglas, Florida~

I started the book this morning – It’s unputdownable..can’t wait to get back on the bus to finish read it on my ride home.
~~ Marcia Reid Windross

"Memories of Mom is the very personal story of a strong, dynamic and loving Mother, written by a grateful and loving daughter.  The attitude and example of her "Mom" continues to enrich Alexia Fraser's life. Her mother's beautiful image is engraved upon her heart. So, too, will it stay with you when you read this book."   ~Rhoda Myers, CT~

"Alexia your book launch was wonderful.  Terri and I had a great time.  You were very professional.  Well done!" ~George and Terri Michael, NY ~

"Greetings Alexia, its a lovely day here I hope your book launch party goes well I am so enjoying reading your book.. it reminds me of Colour Purple.I would love to see it made into film. That would be grrrrreat. All the best with your book, it's a winner!....Love" ~ Vaulda Simmons, singer/song writer (via London)~

"Hi Alexia...this is Joyce..I just wanted  to let you know that I love the book.  The book is sooooo good.  Your mother would be proud of you.   I started  reading   Saturday night and finished it on Sunday.  I could not put it down.  It was really riveting.  It was really excellent.  I am so proud of you.  I am looking forward to the movie or the next book.  Keep me on the mailing list.  God bless!  Good luck!"  ~Joyce Bush, Principal (Long Island, NY)~

"Hi Alexia..I just finished your book on my way home.  What a great read.  Blessings!" ~ Karen Gordon, CT ~

"I have read the book cover to cover and loved every chapter" ~ Niel Grondal, NY~

Ali I am reading "Memories of Mom" and I cannot put it down. I never liked reading but I am liking it now.  Your book makes me want to read.  I cannot stop the tears or the laughter.  I was admitted to the hospital and your book is a big comfort.  I am telling all doctors and nurses about the book :-). Sis you are special! Love you." ~Gerald Winder, NY ~

Alexia I just finished reading your book.  I could not put it down.  It read it in two hours.  I had no idea your mom suffered so much.   Well done! ~ Heather Gordon, NY ~

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